Competition Winner and A First Look

Saturday 11th August saw Stephen and I travel through to South Queensferry, with Reviresco Leather and Craft's Stuart Maxwell and his son Jacob, (Stuart is our NapSack Hammock tag designer) to meet with our competition winner from the Arran meet - Phil Lawley of Red Stag Bushcraft. Phil had won one of our Hammocks.

We tailor made the hammock to Phil's height as he definitely has no requirement for an 11 footer! He'd spend his evenings rolling around in it and his mornings trying to find a way out. God hep him if he needed a pee in the night... or worse! ;)

We had a lovely relaxing morning watching Phil fish for trout whilst chasing Jacob and Phil's son James away from the water's edge. Stuart would have been wading in more than water if something had happened to little Jacob, especially given it was his 3rd birthday! Phil not so much, James is a hardy soul and I reckon Phil might just be the trouser wearer. Sadly for Stuart that's definitely not the case. He has a Natalie sized thumb print permanently etched on his forehead!

You can see Phil's full first look at the video below...

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