Great food, great company, great weather & great feedback..

Scottish Bushcraft Autumn Meet

September gave us the perfect opportunity to roll out our finished product designs to friends old and new to give their impressions of, at the Scottish Bushcraft Group Autumn Meet.

It was a wonderful weekend of foraging, tracking and game prep and cooking, with some great skills on show thanks to David Macrae, Stuart Wedge, Nick Allen, Zarla Harriman and many others.

Menu for the weekend consisted of Wood Pigeon and ginger stew, venison (cooked in a pit oven) and eggy dunk dunk.

Special mention of course has to go to James Stevenson who lived up to his name (Jimmy Goes Wandering) and took me for a drunken midnight tour of the campsite. In reality we turned around, got lost and somehow ended up navigating our way back through camp and onto the track about a half mile from where we intended. All in a drunken night's work.

Great food, great company, great weather and great feedback.

Thanks to everyone for a great weekend.

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