Great Food and Skills shared in the Company of Friends

Scottish Bushcraft Spring Meet

Spring time has arrived and what better way to spend it than with our great SBG friends.

This time the weekend saw many exhibitors, including NapSack Hammocks, Billy's 1920s trapper set up, Viv's civil war era set up, Craig's stunning retro homemade canvas tarp rig and Davie's hot tent and homemade set up from his recent snow walking expedition.

The food consisted of game prep and backwoods cooking including hands on demonstrations with a full deer prep and geese prep.

Other skills included Tracking with Woodland Ways Stuart Wedge (level 2 cyber tracker), Water acquisition, filtration & purification, Fire lighting and proper fire management, Maintenance & care of cutting tools, Axe throwing, Archery, Camp furniture making and everyone's favourite - Spoon carving.

Another great weekend and thanks to everyone for their efforts!

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