Inaugural BushScout Scotland Skills Sharing

It gave me sense of tremendous pride to be asked to be part of the very first BushScout Scotland Team. Not only did I gain a tremendous amount of enjoyment from being involved but it reinvigorated my passion for scouting and I walked away with so much more knowledge and experience.

Fordell Firs Scout Activity Centre was the venue for our first BushScout Scotland Skills Sharing Day attended by some 600 leaders and cubs from across the Edinburgh district.

We were joined by our English BushScout counterparts who not only trailblazed the path for us to follow but also led the way on the day. Not only did I have the pleasure of meeting the team from down south but it was wonderful to meet and speak with so many cubs, leaders and parents passionate about Scouting, teaching and learning.

The day was a wonderful success and it was an honour to be part of a movement to skill share with leaders both experienced and new who can take these valuable skills back to their respective groups and start to plug the skills gap.

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