NapSack Hammocks Pricing Update

Three years ago, when we founded NapSack Hammocks, we did so with a certain set of beliefs which still echo true today;

  1. quality products at affordable prices

  2. friendly service

  3. no quibble guarantee

  4. no hard sell

  5. help educate our customers to choose the correct equipment to suit their needs

Whilst staying true to those values, price especially has always been difficult for us. Countless times over the years people have told us that our products are quite simply priced too low. We reasoned that they were prices that reflected not just our company ethos but our position in the market. We also understood that at some point our prices would have to increase in order that we could function properly as a prosperous business.

Like most people we have monitored the online shopping industry and its evolution during this period of Lockdown. We have watched in disbelief as some companies have cashed in on the demand for hammocks and related items, be they wholesale, retail or freight, with some more than tripling the price of products. We understand that things are harder to source at present, but seriously how can anyone justify charging £108 for something that four weeks previous was just £42.

At NapSack Hammocks, our intention was always to raise our prices this year. We had held off last year and with the outbreak of Covid-19 we decided instead to maintain our current prices. In fact, we have not only stayed true to our pre-lockdown pricing but have introduced discount codes across the board, including a 20% saving for key workers. This has however come at a cost.

Increased production costs have meant that we are making very little money on our Trekker, Adventurer and Plus range. In the Backpacker’s case we are running at a loss. All this is before we factor in running costs such as labour and website fees etc.

As such we are having to restructure our pricing. This will come into play on July 1st, 2020. We want to continue to serve our loyal customers and we hope as consumers you understand that its just not economically viable for us to continue otherwise. We still believe that our new pricing will represent fantastic value for money and provide a great product at a fair price.

Thank you for your continued support and loyalty,

NapSack Hammocks

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